Here is a powerful testimony from Tomu our Station Manager in Fiji, when he visited his village just before the New Year. He shared about his Aunty Setaita and how she has been diligently using The Word for Today for the past 2 years.

I met an Aunty of mine on Dec 31, 2023. Her name is Setaita and she has been using the devotionals for the last 2 years. We met again at a local combine church service in my village after a long time. This service was also meant to be the farewell service for the year 2023. She couldn’t wait to meet me and share her story about how the book has been her company for the whole year as she mostly stays home with minimal movement due to her knee problem.

She reads her devotional every morning and marks out writings with red pen that speaks to her and signs off on each page to indicate that she’s read the devotion of that day. She pulled out the book from her bag and showed me all this to prove. She was filled with excitement when sharing about the lessons learned and how the devotional had really impacted and helped her growth and faith journey. She spends time after reading to share the lessons of each day to her children and grandchildren. The challenges of each day becomes more meaningful to her as she feels that God is speaking to her and building her faith in each of the circumstances she faces each day.

She had been praying to meet me as she wanted to get her hands on a copy of 2024 edition. And it so happens that I attended the service on Dec 31 bringing along some copies with me. I was able to gift her a copy of The Word for Today 2024 edition, to her excitement and she’s looking forward to following through the devotion with each day.

Station Manager

Aunty Setaita Reading The Word for Today