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Privacy Policy

Here at UCB (United Christian Broadcasters Fiji) we respect your privacy. We are committed to compliance with all our country’s privacy laws which apply to our ministry and which set out the standards for how we manage your personal information. This policy outlines our Personal Information Management practices. Specifically:

  • the kinds of personal information we collect and hold;
  • how we collect and hold it;
  • the purposes for which we collect, hold, use and disclose it;
  • your right to access and seek correction of it;
  • how you may complain about privacy matters; and
  • our sharing of your personal information overseas.

What do we collect?

The personal information we collect and hold is what is reasonably necessary for our ministry to function and conduct our activities. When we collect and hold personal information, it is of the following kinds:

  • your personal details such as your name, addresses, telephone numbers, email address, birth date and gender;
    the name of the business, ministry, trust or organisation you are associated with;
  • your supporter number;
  • a record of your donations;
  • a record of your purchases and orders;
  • a record of your correspondence sent and received;
  • whether you have a connection with others whose personal information we may collect or hold — for example, family members;

Depending on the nature of your dealings with us, we may collect and hold other types of personal information. For example, (with your permission) we may collect and hold via our secure financial systems information about the debit or credit card you use for making your donations or purchases.

Remaining Anonymous:

You generally have the option of not identifying yourself or of using a pseudonym when dealing with us. But not where this is impractical or where the law or a court order provides otherwise. For example, if you make donation and want a receipt, we will need your correct name and address.

Credit card security

Our websites use a Secure Server for collecting any personal or credit card information. The secure sockets layer (SSL) encrypts (scrambles) all of the information you enter before it is transmitted over the internet and sent to us. Furthermore, all of the data we collect is protected against unauthorised access.

You will see our website certificate is issued by Go Daddy Secure Certificate Authority – G2. These sites are administered by Vision Christian Media so the identity of these sites will refer to

How we collect personal information

When we collect personal information about you, we do so by making a record of it. We do this when:

  • you register with us, for example if you make a donation, place an order, or request information;
  • you communicate with us online;
  • you communicate with us by post;
  • you take part in a promotion, survey or provide a testimonial;
  • you deal with us in other ways involving a need for personal information to be provided such as when you make a purchase, contact one of our team or lodge a complaint against us.
  • We may also collect personal information about you by accessing data from other sources and then analysing that data together with the information we already hold about you in order to learn more about your likely preferences and interests.

When you visit our websites, social media pages or mobile applications or click on our banners on the online media of other companies, we may collect information about you using technology which is not apparent to you, for example ‘cookies’. For information about our use of this technology, please see Cookie Statement below.

The personal information we collect and hold about you is from your direct dealings with us.

Holding of personal information

Your personal information is generally stored in computer systems. These are operated by our staff who are all constrained by policies to ensure your information is kept confidential to only UCB FIJI. We also have information security requirements aimed at eliminating the risk of unauthorised access, loss, misuse or wrongful alteration of personal information.

When we collect, hold and use your personal information, we do so primarily to comply with legal requirements, meet your needs, promote our ministry and services to you, or to improve our service to you.

Disclosure of your information

We will never rent, exchange or sell mailing lists containing your personal information to other organisations.

We do use third party businesses and services to enable the efficient running of our ministry. This includes banking institutions and specialist services who send communications on our behalf. We therefore do provide these organisations with information about our supporters. To the best of our ability, we have verified the security and privacy provisions of all other organisations with whom we provide information about supporters.

Giving you control

We are committed to allowing you to see the information we hold and enable you to correct information that is incorrect or outdated. Please note that our staff will always clearly identify themselves when making contact with you, and all our letters and marketing materials will contain UCB FIJI and/or the Life FM Fiji and/or The Word for Today logo and contact details. If you are ever in any doubt about whether a telephone call is from us, please disconnect and phone us back.

Your information is kept both in hard copy and electronic forms. In either case, we have documented procedures to safeguard your information. Safeguards include controls on how we store copies of the information off-site. These may be in the form of back up files or, for example, with the overseas hosting of websites. We require all off-site holding of personal information to be done in a way which requires observance of strict privacy and security standards, both during transit and at the destination.


We will provide you with access to any of your personal information we hold (except in limited circumstances recognised by law). Before we provide you with access to your personal information we may require some proof of identity. We also may charge a reasonable fee for giving access to your personal information, if your request requires substantial effort on our part.

Opting out or modifying your information: If you want to change any information that you have previously given us, or if you want to opt out of all or specific future communications.

You can e-mail your request to our team:
or you can mail your request to the following postal address:

UCB Fiji
P O Box 18397

When contacting us to change your details, please include your name, your postal and/or email address and a daytime telephone number.


If you wish to complain about what you believe is a breach of the privacy rules that bind us, you may contact our Privacy Officer at one of the above contact points. We may ask you to put your complaint in writing and to provide details about it. Please note:

  • We reserve the right to discuss your complaint with our personnel and our service providers and others, as appropriate.
  • Our Privacy Officer will investigate the matter and attempt to resolve it in a timely way. Our Privacy Officer will inform you about the outcome of the investigation. If our Privacy Officer does not resolve your complaint to your satisfaction and no other complaint resolution procedures are agreed or required by law, our Privacy Officer will inform you that your complaint may be referred to the Privacy Commissioner for further investigation and will provide you with the Commissioner’s contact details.

International storage of information

To enable the efficient running of our ministry and provide you with the service you have requested we may share your personal information with a business located in a country other than Fiji. Where we do this we only deal with trusted service providers who provide secure data storage and processing services to the standard required by law.

Cookies on websites and mobile apps

‘Cookies‘ are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer or mobile device when you access online content. It is important you know about them as they involve the collection of information about you (which may or may not be personal information) in a way which may not be obvious to you.

You can control the extent to which your device allows cookies. Depending on which browser your device uses, you may be able to disable third party cookies. You can change the settings on the software your device uses to access the internet from within your browser settings.

UCB FIJI uses cookies to enable us to analyse the types of online content you visit and your interaction with that content. This assists us to assess your interests. It also assists us to measure the effectiveness of our promotions and content. The cookies feature of your browser must be turned on in order to remember which aspects of our websites you frequent, which may be time or location-related.

If you’d like more information on Cookies we recommend you access these Australian Government sites:

Stay smart online all about cookies and your privacy;

Privacy Commissioner Fact Sheet on online behavioural advertising