Moving Forward in UCB Fiji

Moving Forward in UCB Fiji

This is a very encouraging testimony from Tomu who is our Station manager in Fiji, about how things are changing in Fiji and how he has been meeting with some key decision-makers, please continue to keep this in prayer for Tomu and the team in Fiji as they look to establish a local frequency.

I was called in yesterday to meet with the Minister for Communication, Mr. Manoa Kamikamica. He was quite positive about supporting us and seeing the project through. I took the tablet given by Grant which had preloaded life fm programs. The Minister was quite impressed that we had all these ready and operational.

He’s asked that we give them 1 week to follow it up with their team, one of whom was present yesterday at the meeting. The meeting was set up as a series of outcomes and push to get the license and radio frequency available to us by the government. I had been told that the last radio license given out to any organization commercial or private was more than 10 years ago. So getting a license now is going to be a great breakthrough and achievement given the changes our nation is going through.

An outcome of the meeting with the Minister, he assured me that they are willing to bypass this system in order to speed up the process. And he’s asked to be given at least 1 week to get all these things sorted.

Vinaka vakalevu

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