This is a powerful testimony of a young woman that encountered God through The Word for Today, reminding us to be aware of how God may want to speak to us, either through His Word, through people, even through our situations.

11 years ago, I lost my mother to an illness, and it took a few years after that struggling to accept it. Two years after her passing my father re-married, but my stepmom was(is) a loving, caring, kind and God-fearing woman, yet I could not fully accept her into my life. Up until last year I sought counselling and that helped me. I decided to put my foot down that it’s time to change my perspective of my stepmom.

As 2024 began, I told myself that this is the year to re-fresh and start all over again. Lo and behold on the 19th of January as I opened up the UCB Word for Today devotional booklet, what I read hit a spot in my life where I felt ministered to by God. He just read my mail! Bingo! It talked about blended family and how we children tend to be loyal to our previous parent and welcoming a new parent(step) may feel like an act of betrayal.

I looked up to heaven lol and said, “God you really know what I needed to hear and know how to get your message across to me today after all these years of struggling alone with this issue.” It has really opened my eyes and helped me in forming a better relationship with my stepmom. So thank you UCB for the booklet and the message you have for each day, as many a time the message for the day is really what I needed to hear from God in response to my prayers.
The Word for Today booklet has really impacted my life and helped me in my spiritual walk with the Lord.

Submitted by a reader of The Word for Today to Tomu