Insights into Ageing (2)

Mar 25, 2020

‘The fear of the Lord adds length to life...’Proverbs 10:27 NIV

The secret of ageing well is staying young at heart, staying close to God, and staying fully engaged with life. The mirror isn’t your problem; how you see yourself is. Have you noticed how some older people seem “younger” than others? The Fountain of Youth isn’t the answer, nor is surrendering to time and fate. Rather, do these two things. First, be realistic! The only thing that looks sillier than a woman wearing make-up and an outfit designed for someone 25 years younger, is an older man in an unbuttoned shirt flashing jewellery intended to recreate the macho image of his long-lost youth. When you are comfortable with your age and stage of life, others will be too. Solomon points out that age decreases vigour, dims vision, slackens muscles, stiffens joints, whitens hair, and so on (Ecclesiastes 12:1–5). Vitamins, exercise and a good attitude help, but you must be realistic in order to handle ageing with dignity. Second, keep giving. ‘Give generously, for your gifts will return to you later. Divide your gifts among many, for you do not know what risks lie ahead.’ (Ecclesiastes 11:1–2 NLT) Don’t stop investing your energy and resources into God’s Kingdom because you think it’s time for the young folk to take over. If you do, loneliness and depression will set in, and illness and death often soon follow. When you shut the door, draw the curtains and isolate yourself, you’re old at any age. But when you stay in the mainstream, give yourself to God and others, you’ll stay young all your life!

SoulFood: Job 21–23, Matt 25:14–30, Ps 38:1–12, Pro 8:22–23
The Word for Today is authored by Bob and Debby Gass and published under licence from UCB International Copyright ©

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